Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

(Art.13 D.lgs 30th June 2003, n.196)

We would like to inform you, according to art. 13 of Law 196/2003 “Code for the protection of personal information”, that your personal information will be used in accordance with the principles of honesty, lawfulness and clarity in full observance of your right to confidentiality.
For the same objectives the information could be known from the following categories: reception desk.
The owner and the party responsible for handling with said information is Mogavero Françoise Città Ideale snc di Mogavero Davide & C. Corso Mameli 203- 28921 Verbania, whom you can contact to enforce your rights as provided for by Art. 7 of law 196/2003, which we reportin its entirety for your convenience:

Law 30 june 2003 n. 196
(Code for the protection of personal information)
Article 7
Right of access to personal information and other rights

1. In relation to the treatment of personal information, the interested subject has the right to obtain the confirmation of the existence or non-existence of personal information involving him/her, whether already filed or not, and the comprehensible notification of said information.
2. The interested person has the right to obtain the indication of:
a) purposes and modality of the treatment.
b) logic applied in case of treatment with electronic instruments.
c) identity of the holder, responsibles and person by article 5.2.
d) subjects to which the personal information can be communicate or that they can know in quality of representative designated in the territory of the State or responsibles.
3. The interested persons has the right to obtain:
a) the updating, correction or, if so required, integration of said information.
b) cancellation, transformation into an anonymous form or obstruction of information handled in violation of the law, including information that is not required to be kept for the purposes for which the information was collected or subsequently used.
c) the declaration that the transactions pursuant to points a) and b) have been brought to the knowledge of those to whom said information has been notified or disclosed – also with regard to the content of said information – except when fulfillment hereof should prove to be impossible or require the use of means that are patently disproportionate with respect to the right that is being safeguarded.
4. The interested persons has the right, fully or in part, to prohibit:
a) use, for legitimate reasons, of personal information that involve him/her, even if pertinent to the purposes of said information collection.
b) use of personal information concerning him/her for the purposes of commercial information or mailing of advertising or direct-sales material, or for conducting market research or interactive commercial communications.

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